Disillusioned with the current state of healthcare in the 21st century, where doctors have become providers, patients no more than a number and the office visit translated to an impersonal encounter. Three like-minded physicians, Dr. Chris Demetriou, Dr. Sridevi Bhumi, and Dr. Steven Rubin aligned to conceptualize and create their vision of providing personalized healthcare in a luxurious environment creating an unforgettable medical experience. From this vision came the birth of Star Surgical Suites, a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center.

From the moment you enter the suite, you will immediately be draw to our glowing back-lit onyx reception desk surrounded by exotic wood and highlighted by crystal chandeliers adorning a barreled ceiling soaring in height and in grandeur. Our ultra-luxurious waiting room features gorgeous circular crystal chandlers, lush velvet drapes, and spacious comfortable seating arrangements. For your chaperones, on our floating bar you will find the Top Brewer beverage dispenser offering the finest fresh brewed Italian and Norwegian Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, and Macchiato as well as teas and fruit infused waters reminiscent of the finest hotel lobbies in the nation.

You will be escorted to the pre procedure area akin with marble floors, multi-tiered crystal chandeliers, magnificent glass prism tiles, gorgeous wall coverings, incredible art and beautiful floral arrangement creating an elegant & tranquil environment as you prepare to embark on your procedure. Our nurses are selected for their expertise in gastroenterology as well as for their interpersonal skills and empathic approach to patients.

Our Surgical Suites are equipped with the latest generation of endoscopic equipment. All suites are spacious and immaculate each containing a grand ceiling displaying a twinkle star light effect and, in the background, you will hear calming music of your choice as we set to relax your body and mind prior to conducting your procedure.

We welcome physicians to Star Surgical Suites who display top level endoscopic abilities while offering the highest level of healthcare by making accurate and timely decisions and by spending proper time explaining and guiding you through your medical issues and concerns.

No stone has been left unturned to create a truly unique and satisfying medical experience.

Welcome to Star Surgical Suites